Picture of Strasbourg a city in France 

Several cities in France are worth visiting. One such city is Strasbourg. However, you should equip yourself with general information about the city before visiting. This article will provide brief information about Nice covering the most important things you should know before visiting Strasbourg including where to stay and what to eat.

About Strasbourg

Strasbourg is the largest city and capital of the Grand Est region. The city serves as the European parliament’s official seat. The town shares France’s eastern border with Germany and has an area that covers 78.26 square kilometers. The distance of the city of Paris is 397 kilometers to Paris east.

The weather in Strasbourg is mostly cool and could normally get as low as 1.8oC or 35.2oF in January. The city of Strasbourg has 10 districts that include Meinau and Centre Gare. The city has a rich history of great performance in higher learning and is popularly known as the center of humanism. 

Strasbourg is twinned with some cities within and outside Europe including Ramat Gan in Israel; Dresden in Germany, Stuttgart in Germany, Leicester in the United Kingdom as well as Boston in the United States.

Why you should visit Strasbourg

Strasbourg is a very important city in France and Europe. Thus, there are several reasons why Strasbourg should be one of the cities that you should see at least once in your lifetime. A few of these reasons are discussed subsequently.

Historical Dynamic and Lively

picture of old city in Strasbourg a city in France

There are several festivals, events, operas, and museums to see in Strasbourg among others. The city is sometimes referred to as Culture Capital as it has been able to preserve the rich and colorful culture that has been a very important part of its history. Some of the best places to visit in Strasbourg are located in the middle of the city, which the Ill River surrounds.

Why is Strasbourg Important to France and Europe: 

Strasbourg is sometimes referred to as Europe’s capital due to the several European institutions that grace the city including the European parliament. Thus, if you are a lover of Europe or want to know more about Europe, Strasbourg should top the list of cities to visit during your quest. Strasbourg is the city where the national anthem of France was written. This is apart from several other things to admire including the local cuisine taste, architecture, and landscape.

Beauty of  Strasbourg

picture displaying the unique art and architecture of Strasbourg a city in France

Strasbourg is a very beautiful city. The city has a lovely view that you can observe from the Notre Dame de Strasbourg located at the gothic cathedral. You can also stroll through narrow streets and enjoy the sight of the old buildings.

Explore some German culture: Due to its border with Germany, there has been some level of influence from Germany that can be influenced within the city. Notable amongst such influence is the beautiful and unique German architecture that you would find in France. You would also be able to enjoy some German local cuisine in the city.

Christmas market: If you love to visit Christmas markets, then you must visit Chriskindelsmarik, which is a part of Place Broglie. The market was founded in 1570 and has easily become the most popular Christmas market in the world.

Hot spots Strasbourg

If you are in Strasbourg for a brief period or you want to make sure you touch some of the most important places to visit in Strasbourg, Some of the top places to see in Strasbourg include the Gothic cathedral; many interesting museums such as the Modern-art museum and the Rohan Palace; La Petite France; and Grande Ile.

Picture of the Strasbourg Cathedral

Culture of Strasbourg

Strasbourg has a vibrant and rich cultural life. Its strategic position on France border as well as Alsace’s cultural heritage allows people that visit the city to experience a mixture of both German and French cultures. You can enjoy some of Strasbourg’s cultural activities in cabinet shows, vaudeville shows, theatre, and opera. Some of the places you can enjoy theatre, dance, and music in Strasbourg include L’Iliade, Le Point D’Eau, Le Cheval Blanc, Au Camionneur, Le Kafteur, La Choucrouterie, Le Taps, Palais de la musique et des congrès, Conservatoire National de Région de Strasbourg, Orchestre Philharmonique, Opéra National du Rhin, Pôle Sud, Théâtre Jeune Public, Le maillon and Theatre National de Strasbourg.

Best restaurants in Strasbourg

Beyond eating to fill your belly, eating for fun is one of the things that tourists and other travelers strive to enjoy during their trips. The trips provide them the opportunity to not only eat some food types they have never eaten in their lives but to eat the ones that were prepared by the very people who invented the meals. Some of the top restaurants where you can enjoy German and French meals in Strasbourg inclure Les Fines Gueules, Perles de Saveurs, Memphis Strasbourg, A l’Orientale, S’Musauer Stuebel, Restaurant “Chez nous”, Les GaRnements, Pizza Roma, Zehnerglock, Le Jasmin, Restaurant La Coccinelle, Restaurant Mademoiselle 10, Habibi Strasbourg, Restaurant Umami, La Cuiller à Pot, Restaurant Gavroche, Restaurant Le Kuhn, Restaurant Les Chauvins Père & Fils, S’kaechele and Au Crocodile.

Best hotels in Strasbourg

Picture of a hotel room in Strasbourg a city in France

You can find several nice hotels to lodge in Strasbourg at great prices and as low as less than 100 USD. Some of the hotels you can look out for when visiting Strasbourg include Holiday Inn Express Strasbourg – Cent, Aparthotel Adagio Access Strasbourg, Hotel Les Haras, Hotel Maison Rouge Strasbourg, BOMA, Hotel IBIS Strasbourg Centre Gare, Château de L’Ile, Hotel Arok, Hotel de l’Europe Strasbourg, Hotel Golden Tulip Strasbourg Centre, Best Western Plus Hotel Monopole Metropole, Hotel D Strasbourg, Hotel Suisse, Hotel Regent Contades, Villa La Florangerie, Hotel Mercure Strasbourg Centre Petit, Hotel & Spa REGENT PETITE FRANCE, Hotel Sofitel Strasbourg Grande Ile and Hotel Cour du Corbeau Strasbourg.

Things to worry about in Strasbourg

There are no serious issues to worry about if you are visiting Strasbourg. You would be at a very great advantage if you speak French. If not, try to learn some very important words and phrases before you visit the city. Always make sure that you buy and validate your ticket when traveling on a train. Even though most people buy water for drinking, it is safe to drink tap water. Strasbourg does not have a great nightlife, but you can take advantage of hiking in nearby locations or visiting museums.