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If you are visiting France, one of the cities you would want to visit is Paris. However, you would need general information about Paris as well as why you should visit the city, things to do in the city, where to stay and what to eat among others.

This article will provide this information and more about Paris towards giving you an overall guide about visiting Paris.

About Paris

Paris serves as the capital of France and is also the city with the highest population in France. The city has a 105 square kilometres area and has been a major European city since the 17th century. The city is reputed for arts, science, fashion, commerce, diplomacy, and finance.

Based on hotel lodgings, the city recorded 24.5 million people visiting the country in 2018. This number was only surpassed by Bangkok in that year. Thus, if you are planning a trip to Paris, you are easily one of almost an average of 100,000 people that visit the country daily.

Like most other cities in France, the official language of Paris is French. Furthermore, English is not widely spoken in the city. Fortunately, you won’t have any problem communicating with English in shops, restaurants, and hotels.

Why should you visit Paris?

The major reason why we want to visit a place is to enjoy the appeal that the country and city you want to visit has to offer, especially in terms of things to do in the city. Here are some of the reasons why people visit Paris and why you should consider taking a trip to the city.

Paris is Romance:

Paris is reputed to be the world’s best city when it comes to romance. Furthermore, it is believed that there are only a few other places where you can enjoy romance the way you would enjoy it in Paris. A few of the romantic things you can do in Paris include candlelit dinners alfresco, taking Scenic walks at the Seine as well as proposing under the Eiffel Tower among others.

Food in Paris:

If you love food, then you will love Paris. From macarons and pastries to their bread, the food in Paris is famous across the world. You can find food vendors in virtually every street corner in the city. You will get to enjoy luxurious French dining, French fancies to frog legs, depending on your taste.

Pavement Café:

Another thing you would find enticing in Paris is a café culture that you would not find anywhere else in the world. There are many popular world-renowned pavement cafes in Paris that they have become a way of life in Paris. You can observe, read a book or enjoy café-croissant in some of the cafes during your stay.

Pere Lachaise:

Pere Lachaise is reputed to be the most mesmerizing cemetery in the world as it also features a Parisian park. The cemetery is believed to be graves for between 300,000 and 1,000,000 bodies. The place has a rich history and you should endeavour to visit during your trip.

Landmarks in Paris:

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There are several landmarks in Paris. Arguably, Paris is a city that has the highest number of landmarks in Europe. From gardens galore and Notre Dame to the popular Eiffel Tower, there are many landmarks that you would enjoy the city on your trip to Paris.

Hot Spots Paris

If you do not have a lot of time to spend in Paris or you are wondering where you should visit first during your stay in the city, then you could start from The Look and Nolinski Paris. Other hot spots in Paris include La Guinguette D’Angelo, Chez la Vieille, Ritz Paris, Maison Lautrec, Le Grand Musée du Parfum, and Holiday Café.

Culture of Paris

Paris is associated with French culture by most people. The city of Paris has a rich culture that is built around architecture, art, cuisine, and fashion. You would get to experience the culture of Paris when you visit the city from a wide range of channels.

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Prominent amongst these channels include festivals, museums, music, and arts among others. Thus, your list of things to do in the city should include a visit to fashion stores, opera, theatres, galleries and museums among others.

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Best Restaurants in Paris

When you travel to other cities, you add one more reason to the several reasons you already have for eating. This reason is to enjoy the local delicacies of the city and town, This is considering you would never have come across some of these delicacies. Even for those, you have come across, no one would do it better than the place where the delicacy originated from. If you want to enjoy these Paris local delicacies from the top restaurants in Paris, then you should eat at Le Baratin, Clamato, HEBE, Maldito, Terra Mia, VIA EMILIA, Il etait un square, La Grange Aux Canards, 114 FAubourg, Mayfair Garden Paris, Patchanka, Boutary, Restaurant Kei, ASPIC, Septième, Calife, Le Gabriel, Epicure, Pur Jean – François Rouquette and Le Cinq.

Best Hotels of Paris

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Considering the reputation of Paris there are many hotels in Paris from the 5-star, luxurious and very expensive hotels to the more affordable ones. Thus, your budget will determine where you can stay. 

However, if you are willing to spend between 1,000 to 1,500 USD on accommodation per night, then you could consider lodging in any of their top hotels. If you are wondering what some of the best hotels are in paris, here is a small selection; Hilton Paris Opera, Four Seasons Hotel, InterContinental Paris and Shangri-La Hotel.


Things to worry about in Paris

The first thing you might have to worry about visiting Paris is that not many people learn English. You could learn a few popular phrases such as greetings and directions when you want to visit Paris. 

You should also be careful about pickpockets in Paris, especially when you decide to shop in a very popular avenue like Champs-Elysees as there are often many visitors, long queues and overworked staff. It might be better to shop in less busy venues.

If you hope to climb the Eiffel Tower during your visit, then be ready to queue for many hours. You are one of the thousands of people that visit to climb the tower every day. However, if you have the time, then you can get to enjoy the reason why a lot of people shop at the popular shops and want to climb the tower, including those that have climbed it before.