picture of a beautiful building in Bordeaux a city in France

One of the many interesting things you can’t take away from France is its beautiful cities. When you want to visit France, the instant you decide you look beyond Paris, you would find it difficult to choose which of the other cities to visit. This is because every city promises a beautiful environment and many wonderful places to see. This article will provide you with the general information you would need when planning to visit Bordeaux.

About Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a Garonne port city that is located in South Western France under the Gironde department. The city serves as the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region’s capital and has an area of 49.36 square kilometers. Bordeaux is in the middle of a key wine-producing and wine-growing region in the world. As a result, they contribute significantly to the production of wine in the world. The production of Bordeaux wine started around the eighth century. The history of the city can be traced back to around 567 BC with a Celtic tribe settling in the area.

The temperature of the area is mostly warm between May and October while it is cold November and April. The city is the main business center in France and is a main regional area for industry, services, administration, and trade. Other key parts of the Bordeaux economy include wine, laser technology research and development and tourism. Some of the major companies that have offices in Bordeaux include Thales Group, Solectron, SNECMA, Smurfit Kappa, Sanofi Aventis, Ricard, Oxbow, McKesson Corporation, Marie Brizard, Dassault, Cdiscount and Arena.

Why you should visit Bordeaux

There are several reasons why you should visit Bordeaux. Some of the top reasons are discussed subsequently.

Location: Bordeaux is strategically located between the Basque country and Paris. Furthermore, you can board a train that would take you to Paris within a few hours. Thus, you can easily travel to Bordeaux and visit Paris or travel to Paris and visit Bordeaux.

Forest and Ocean: 

If you are a lover of nature, then Bordeaux has two of the main natural attractions that you can easily enjoy… You could visit the Arcachon Bay where you could enjoy the gentle coastal climate, as well as enjoy the famous water sports and oysters in the area. You can also visit Dune du Pilate – reputed to be Europe’s largest dune or visit Les Landes 0 reputed to be Europe’s largest forest.

Ease of moving around: 

The climate of Bordeaux is generally mild all through the year. As a result, whether you want to explore the city on foot, river shuttles, bus networks (which is extensive), bike system (that supports large self-service); you can enjoy easy movement.

Medoc Gateway: 

picture of grapes vineyard wine like in Bordeaux a city in France

When you want to visit major areas that are popular due to the vineyards in those areas, a trip to Bordeaux will provide you with a perfect opportunity. You can even get a tour for winery visits, chateaux and food tastings. The Vins de Bordeaux route will provide you the opportunity to see great locations including Haut-Medoc, Saint-Estephe, Pauillac, and Margaux.

Reflecting Pool at Place de la Bourse: 

Picture of Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux a city in France

The largest reflecting pool in the world is located outside the lovely Place de la Bourse. It is major photography and key spot in Bordeaux. The cold mist from the reflecting pool during the summer is a major source of delight to both the old and young. When it gets dark, you can see the reflecting of the city’s light on the water similar to a mirror.

Garonne quays: 

The rethought and redesigned Bordeaux quays have become a source of attraction in Bordeaux. Tourists often opt for a bike ride, go jogging or strolling between the several parks, playgrounds, cafes and shops in the cities. You can also enjoy a cruise on the Garonne river.

City of Wine:

picture of a bottle of wine from Bordeaux a city in France

If you are a wine lover either you love to drink wine, have a vineyard, wine-producing company or just want to know more about wines, then you should consider a visit to the City of Wine in Bordeaux. You would be able to enjoy the fascinating interactive and thematic journey of wine through gastronomy, civilizations, art, and history. You can find the wine cellar that has a library with about 800 books as well as a restaurant, auditorium and exhibition space.

Bordeaux Gastronomy: 

Apart from the wine appeal of Bordeaux, the city is also famous for its food. The nearby Arcachon Bay makes it possible for Bordeaux to serve some of France’s best oysters, nice seafood and a great fish. You could also eat in restaurants where some of the greatest chefs in the world operate such as Joel Robuchon and Gordon Ramsay. You should also enjoy the specialty sweet of the city known as Canneles. They are soft small cheesecakes that are made with rum and vanilla.

Distinct architecture: 

picture of Cathedral in Bordeaux a city in France

The uniqueness and beauty of Bordeaux architecture have earned the city a place among the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Hot spots in Bordeaux

Some of the major places you must see when you visit Bordeaux include Tour Pey Berland, Palais Gallien, Esplanade des Quinconces, Musée d’Aquitaine, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Basilique Saint-Michel, Basilique Saint-Seurin, Place de la Bourse, Le Grand Theatre and Cathedrale Saint Andre.

Culture of Bordeaux

The Bordeaux culture is a major reason people visit the city because of its richness and appeal. There are film festivals, wine fairs, and music festivals as well as popular trade shows. The city has a brilliant culture dynamics. You can capture the city’s energy by visiting the Contemporary Art Museum. If you want to enjoy an interesting shopping, then you should also visit Rue Sainte-Catherine where the pedestrian shopping street is the largest in Europe.

Best restaurants in Bordeaux

The top restaurants in Bordeaux you can go to eat include Restaurant Soléna, Saveurs D’Aquitaine, La collation, Le Bordeaux Gordon Ramsay, La Rôtisserie St Michel, Restaurant Son, Nyam Bai, Le Pressoir d’Argent and Le Bouchon Bordelais.

Best hotels in Bordeaux

picture of a hotel in Bordeaux a city in France

Some of the hotels in Bordeaux where you can lodge include Hilton Garden Inn, Radisson Blu Hotel, Le Grande Maison de Bernard Magrez, and Intercontinental Bordeaux Le Grand.

Things to worry about in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a nice city and there is nothing much to worry about. Apart from standard security measures you should normally take in a foreign city, you should be careful about the tram. They are very quiet and everywhere. Thus do not walk around with headphones on and look well before you cross. Avoid grabbing the tram’s back when you are skateboarding as well.