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Luxembourg Garden in Paris & hotels nearby

Luxembourg Garden
6th Arrondissement, Paris

Access: Metro Odéon station & RER Luxembourg Station

The Luxembourg Garden (Jardin du Luxembourg) is a beautiful park in the 6th arrondissement of Paris and makes up a part of the animated Latin quarter , a very popular tourist attraction in the French capital. The second largest public park in Paris, the Luxembourg Garden was created in the 17th century under the order of Marie de Médecis, widow of King Henry IV. Today, the 23-hectare garden houses the French Senate, which is actually the old Luxembourg Palace, built for Marie de Médecis to resemble her home in Pitti Palace, Florence.

The Luxembourg Garden is well-known for taking long leisured walks on its gravel paths and picnicking in summer on its luscious green lawns. Lovers also frequent the garden to visit the romantic Fountain of Médici, a grotto-shaped fountain inspired by the style of the Italian Renaissance garden. Even children have fun in this garden by sailing little model boats in the large central bassin of water.

Aside from the natural environment of the Luxembourg Garden, there are also a closed playground for children and a vintage carousel for their amusement. The puppet theater located at one end of the garden hosts marionette spectacles for children from time to time*. There are live musical performances that include jazz, pop, and contemporary music styles, among others.

The Luxembourg Garden is a quiet haven for those who wish to temporarily escape the hustle and bustle of the city of Paris. It is also within a few minutes' walk to other interesting places in the Latin quarter, such as the Jardin des Plantes, the Panthéon and the National Museum of Middle Ages. For these reasons, Heart of Paris Hotels proposes many great rooms close to these popular Paris attractions.

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