Hotel Villa Madame Paris : Customer reviews and feedback Villa Madame Hotel Paris : Customer reviews and feedback Hotel Villa Madame Paris : Customer reviews and feedback

Villa Madame Hotel

44, rue Madame - 75006 Paris

Average rating from all travellers :

Global rating16/20
Reception and services16/20
Room and facilities16/20
Location and surroundings17/20

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Very enjoyable stay at the Villa Madame Hotel. I will happily book a room again on the occasion of a next stay in Paris

Notation : 20/20


Notation : 16/20


Notation : 18/20


The website looked fantastic and we personally prefer little boutique hotels, however,The room was the smallest we have ever experienced and to be honest not good value for money.
Upon arrival we were not shown around or advised of where things were amoungst the hotel. The staff were not very helpful or 'happy' except for the day we left. The staff member was helpful and got us a taxi to the train station.

Our room was never cleaned properly, despite us leaving it tidyly and there was no hotel or city information left in our room (as hotels normally do)
We would not stay at Villa Madame again, we would go back to the place we stayed two years ago 'Le Clos Medicis'. We only went to Villa Madame because we thought it would be nice to try something different...however VERY let down by the lack of friendliness and quality of service.

Notation : 7/20


This hotel is fantastic, I go to Paris often and have found my new constant. The feel of this hotel is calm, quiet and pure boutique. The owner's are amazing and the experience we had here was nothing less than excellent. The rooms are a good size for Paris, with a good number of room options. Due to the contemporary minimalist styling, the rooms feel bigger than they are and this is a huge plus. Breakfast is divine, pure Paris.

Notation : 20/20


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