Hotel Saint Paul Rive Gauche Paris : Customer reviews and feedback Saint Paul Rive Gauche Hotel Paris : Customer reviews and feedback Hotel Saint-Paul Rive Gauche Paris : Customer reviews and feedback

Saint Paul Rive Gauche Hotel

43, rue Monsieur le Prince - 75006 PARIS

Average rating from all travellers :

Global rating19/20
Reception and services18/20
Room and facilities17/20
Location and surroundings20/20

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Very satisfied .........the situation of the hotel can not be better: lots of monuments, museums and restaurants with good kitchen around. Very nice staff.

Notation : 17/20


We had a wonderful stay over our recent four days in Paris. Although the weather was unseasonably cool, we were able to get out and walk, enjoy the sights and experience a number of the side walk cafes. The hotel was ideally located for our stay in Paris and we'd stay again in the future.

Notation : 19/20


Great location- close to everything. Friendly, helpful staff at front desk. Clean, charming rooms and a lovely house cat named Skype

Notation : 20/20


Notation : 20/20


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Cafes / Restaurants

Leisure / After hours

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Cruises on the Seine river


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