Hotel Le Six Paris : Customer reviews and feedback Le Six Hotel Paris : Customer reviews and feedback Hotel Le Six Paris : Customer reviews and feedback

Le Six Hotel

14, rue stanislas - 75006 PARIS

Average rating from all travellers :

Global rating19/20
Reception and services20/20
Room and facilities17/20
Location and surroundings20/20

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We really enjoyed our stay here. While the rooms are small (and our room was over the dining area and the noise reverberates) they were well appointed, stylish, and clean. The staff is helpful, friendly, and personable. We would definitely stay there again.

Notation : 18/20


Staff were extremely friendly and helpful. Will definitely stay there again

Notation : 20/20


(Translated from French) Hotel that I will definitely recommend to my friends.

Notation : 20/20


Very helpful staff,and the hotel is very centraly located.And still quiet.

Notation : 18/20


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Cruises on the Seine river


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