Grand Hotel De l'Univers Paris : Customer reviews and feedback Grand Hotel De l'Univers Paris : Customer reviews and feedback Grand Hotel De l'Univers Paris : Customer reviews and feedback

Grand Hotel De l'Univers

6, rue Grégoire-de-Tours - 75006 PARIS

Average rating from all travellers :

Global rating18/20
Reception and services18/20
Room and facilities17/20
Location and surroundings18/20

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Notation : 18/20


Notation : 16/20


This was a great Hotel and location. We had a wonderful time. At the hotel the woman at the desk during the day was always so helpful and pleasant. She was terrific. The ladies downstairs at the bed and breakfast were also wonderful and always so sweet. The location was down a tiny street with lots of very good restaurants and lots of night time excitement. But still the room was quiet and we hardly any sounds from outdoors. We would absolutely stay there again and we HIGHLY recommend this place.

Notation : 20/20


all excellent. Thank you

Notation : 20/20


everyone at reception have been exceptionally professional and attentive.
Thank you to all. Merci et a la prochaine.

Notation : 19/20


We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Grand Hotel, and benefited greatly from the helpful staff's tips and recommendations. The location was perfect for wandering the Left Bank and Notre Dame areas. Our rooms were lovely, clean and quiet. We look forward to another stay soon!

Notation : 20/20


cleaning needs to be improved.
location good, but at night whole area packed with tourists. "happy hours" at restaurants dont help the ambiance

Notation : 15/20


A great location and interesting building

Notation : 18/20


Everything was great, we really enjoyed the character and charm of your hotel. My only comments might be when we checked in there was a very bad septic smell. also perhaps offering hand towels in the bathroom would be nice too...thanks for a great stay.

Notation : 16/20


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