Hotel Elysées Régencia Paris : Customer reviews and feedback Elysees Regencia Hotel Paris : Customer reviews and feedback Hotel Elysées Régencia Paris : Customer reviews and feedback

Elysees Regencia Hotel

41, avenue Marceau - 75116 PARIS

Average rating from all travellers :

Global rating16/20
Reception and services17/20
Room and facilities15/20
Location and surroundings16/20

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repair the bed lamp (right), the cable does not resolve the position of the lamp
little information about the hotel and its services in the folder on the table
in the bedroom

Notation : 12/20


Notation : 15/20


Very efficient and friendly staff. They always had an answer for your question or inquired until they found it. My room was simple, spacious and super clean. The TV was a bit small and hidden in the armoire, not a problem for me but may be for others. Good wi-fi reception. The location is ideal if you want a quiet place that is very close to hustle and bustle of the Champs Elysee.

Notation : 17/20


Notation : 18/20


Notation : 18/20


Notation : 17/20


We were impressed with the terrific location of the hotel, the wonderful service from all of the hotel staff, and the fact that the pictures on the web were exactly as the hotel looked. Everything about the facility was very upscale and a great value for the price. We would certainly stay here again if we are lucky enough to return to Paris one day.

Notation : 20/20


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